Filling every spoonful with the love and care of a mother's touch

Hello! My name is Lynn and I am the owner and creator of Little Barn, a homemade organic baby meals business inspired by my loving mother.

I was born and raised in a small town in Malaysia, the youngest of three siblings. Life was tough for my family and to help with expenses, my mother, who was a full-time housewife, decided to take on babysitting jobs.

Over the years, my mother babysat for more than 10 children and became renowned for the care and love she showed to every baby she looked after. She always emphasized the importance of good nutrition for babies, believing that every baby deserves the best start in life. That's why she spent hours preparing meals for them, starting early in the morning.

Staying in a small town meant we had easier access to natural ingredients; kampung (free-range) chickens from the neighbours, wild-caught fish from the fisherman and fresh vegetables from the farm. My mother always prioritized the use of natural ingredients because she believed they were healthier and tasted better. Her love for wholesome and fresh food deeply influenced me. As I grew up and had my own baby, I finally understood why she insisted on using only the best ingredients and putting so much effort into preparing meals. As a mother and caregiver, I care deeply about what my baby ate and the nutrition he received. However, as a working mom myself, time is never enough.

That's how Little Barn was born - with the goal of spreading love and nourishment to every baby with my mother's recipes, in an easy and convenient way. Every spoonful of Little Barn's food is filled with love, just like the love my mother showed through every meal she prepared. We believe that love is the most important ingredient in every dish, and that's why, at Little Barn, we ensure that every meal we prepare is made with the utmost care and love, using only the best ingredients. Our commitment to using organic ingredients not only reflects our values of providing wholesome and nutritious food for babies but also supports sustainable agriculture and farming practices that benefit the planet for their future.

With every spoonful, Little Barn hopes to spread love and warmth to babies and families all around, just like my mother did.


Lynn, Founder of Little Barn.