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Thermal Food Jar

Thermal Food Jar

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  • Made from 314 SUS
  • Lightweight
  • Keep warm for >6 hours

Introducing our Thermal Food Jar, the perfect companion for parents on-the-go! With a generous 520ml capacity, this lightweight (340g) jar is crafted from high-quality 314 SUS stainless steel on the inside, ensuring your baby's meals stay as fresh as they were when you packed them, maintaining warmth at 77.1°C for 6 hours and 48.8°C for 24 hours, or keeping them cool at 9°C for 6 hours.

The jar's lid ingeniously doubles as a bowl, reducing the need for extra dishes and making mealtime anywhere a breeze. Additionally, it comes with a foldable spoon, ensuring you're always ready to feed your little one without the fuss of carrying extra utensils.

Every Thermal Food Jar comes with its own bag for easy and stylish transport. Whether you're heading to the park, traveling, or simply out and about, our Thermal Food Jar guarantees that your baby’s meals are as warm and fresh as when they were packed. Say goodbye to mealtime compromises and hello to nourishing, delicious food on the go :)

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