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Organic Handmade Sausages Bundle (Chicken & Trout)

Organic Handmade Sausages Bundle (Chicken & Trout)

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  • BLW Friendly / 12M+
  • 100% Organic
Discover the delightful tastes of our Organic Handmade Sausages Bundle, a perfect combination of nutrition and flavor for your little one! In this special bundle, you'll receive 6 Chicken Sausages and 6 Trout Sausages, each lovingly handcrafted with the finest organic ingredients.


6 Chicken Sausages + 6 Trout Sausages


Organic Handmade Chicken Sausages

Organic Handmade Trout Sausages

Serving Instructions

Our sausages are freshly prepared on a weekly basis, ensuring maximum freshness. They can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 days, or in the freezer for up to 3 months. Please refer to the 'Best Consumed By' date for optimal freshness. Once defrosted, please do not refreeze and consume immediately after heating up.

  • Steam: Place sausages in steamer (without thawing) and steam for 8-12 min.
  • Pan-fry: Spray oil on the pan, add sausages wihtout thawing, and pan-fry on low heat for 5-10 min.
  • Air-fry/Toaster-oven: Spray oil on sausages, then air-fry/oven-toast at 140-160C for 5-8 min without thawing.


  • Please ensure it's the right temperature before serving to your little one.
  • Cut into appropriate sizes and shapes for your baby.
  • Suitable for babies above 12M, but can be smashed for babies below 12M.

Read our detailed instructions here.

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